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About Ally


An accidental country girl, Ally often finds myself wondering how she ended up putting down roots in rural Iowa and living on a 21-acre hobby-farm-to-be.


She and her husband both work at a Bible Camp ministry, where they are blessed to share the love of God behind-the-scenes.

She hates climbing ladders, is a terrible nail-biter, and she's constantly working on giving herself grace. 


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As bloggers, we can often feel isolated.


We do our own thing, promote our own content. We study the Word. We find and edit pictures, craft words into sentences and put them out there for our audiences to read, enjoy, and hopefully be inspired by. We pray over our little online spaces, asking that God would use our words to bring people to Him. 

I remember one season, I was working through Galatians and the Fruit of the Spirit when I began finding blog posts- tons of blog posts- about the very same topic. 

As I read them, I found myself learning. I found new nuggets of truth that I hadn't seen before, new perspectives, and a richness that not only improved my ideas and my writing, but also grew my soul.

I couldn't help but think, "My readers could use this. They would be encourged by it." 

And they were encouraged by it! I put links to other blogs in my posts, I shared posts on social media, and my readers loved it. 

And I thought, I wish I had a place- a place to find posts on the verse I'm researching, so I could read and share and grow. A directory of sorts. 

I didn't find one, so I decided to create one! 

In this directory, you'll find posts written by people in all walks of life- bloggers in their 20's, in their 60's, wives, college students, professional inspirational speakers, stay-at-home moms.


The diversity is part of the beauty of it, and the beauty of the Word of God- everyone can read and understand, and we can all learn from one another. 

Stay a while, click around, and be inspired by many people blogging through the Bible. 

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